Watch Hunger Stop for Michael Kors 

Aka, bringing some much needed "good" into 2020

While working as a freelance motion designer over at Michael Kors during the chaos that was 2020, I was approached with a unique ask.  A senior manager for the global social media team at Kors reached out to me asking if I ever created a face filter for Instagram before. I - ever the opportunist - said no, but I'd be willing to learn the program needed to create whatever was needed.  And thus, the task to create a face filter for the Watch Hunger Stop campaign was handed over to me. This project, while seemingly small, is probably one of the most important pieces I've ever made for a client. Not only did I learn how to work in new program, Spark AR,  this filter actually did a tiny bit of social good.

You see, for every person that used and posted a photo or video using the filter, Michael Kors donated 50 meals to the
World Food Program. To my amazement, over 600,000 people used the filter I created.  That means that about 30,000,000 meals were distributed because of the filter alone.  That's roughly the population of Texas!  I was floored. Helping that many people in need with my design was a humbling experience and I eagerly look forward to doing more good like this in the future. 


A small collection of beautiful faces who
used the filter. A tracking particles effect with a
simple skin smoothing filter made in Sparks AR. 
I say simple, but there was a lot I had to figure out on
the fly (process to come!)  but I'm overall
thrilled with the end result! 

Try the "Share Your Heart" Instagram filter, which you can find on the @michaelkors Instagram profile in the filters tab!