Shift4Shop Rebrand

with Known 

Launching this eCommerce site to new heights. 

In December 2020, I was approached with a very appealing ask to help create the visual look and feel for an existing brand who had secured a Superbowl AD spot but needed a lot of help creating a brand identity on social platforms. 


I was skeptical at first (I wasn't told who or what I was working with but that it was a BIG project),  but I was looking for new opportunities and decided to give it go. I signed the NDA and found out that was inadvertently

helping not only a brand, but helping a normal civilian go to space.

Yes, I played a part of the relaunch of 3Dcart that is now Shift4Shop a product of Inspiration4 that was working with SpaceX to help two civilians go to space on the first ever civilian mission. 

My life is a movie sometimes, I swear. 

This is still an active project so more to come soon!