Team SnapChat for Cosmo

Aka, the time I was the Carrie Bradshaw
of the motion world

If you know anything about me, you know that I'm chock full of random celebrity gossip, have a soft spot for fashion and makeup trends, enjoy the occasional work cocktail, and can tell you my rising and moon signs (I'm a Pisces double Virgo, btw).
So, when I was given the chance to work with    Cosmopolitan,  I jumped at the opportunity.
Hired as a permalancer, I was tasked with the job
of designing and lightly animating multiple
Snapchat stories for every day of the week.
We as a team wanted to elevate and update the current channel to be more in line with the magazine while also keeping it fun and stylish for our younger audience. I would like to think that we succeeded in changing the channel into the most stylish (and the #1)  news source on Snapchat. 
Can anyone say "vibe check" ? 

Cosmo OG

I started working with Cosmo in
late June 2019 and dove head first into
the job at hand. We had to get Snaps done for not only the week ahead, but to cover for the Forth of July, in which we had a
handful of days off. It was challenging
but taking notes from past Snaps made
(at this point, no official style  guide had been created) we were able to have a successful collection of  snaps ready for steady roll out. We continued with these
styles until mid September.