NBC Universo At


Adding some spice to the NBC brand.

I was lucky enough to have interned for the prestigious and amazing studio that  is Trollbäck+Company over
my winter break in 2016. Other then assist fellow animator and designers with prepping assets for design decks and pitches,  I was fortunate enough to work closely with art director Jorge Peschiera who brought me on to help design and animate both day time and evening openers as well as bumpers for the NBC Universo brand ident. Jorge's vision was to create a brand identity that is built around the idea of
 disruption and breaking boundaries, which I was right up my alley. I really learned a lot about the branding process  with Jorge serving as a mentor, and I think we
successfully spiced up the brand!

To see more of this project, please check out the full project breakdown over at Trollbäck+Company